PSK Inc.

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1990.6 Founded
1994.1 200mm Ashing System : ULTIMA III(Batch Asher)
1997.1 Listed on KOSDAQ (Korea Stock Exchange)
1997.2 200mm Ashing System : DAS2000 (Single Asher)
1999.3 300mm Ashing System : TERA21
2000.1 PSK Tech America In Austin TX.USA
2003.12 PSK Asia in Hsinchu, Taiwan/Singapore
2006.2 PSK Office in Wuxi,China
2006.4 300mm Lite Etching System TSL3000
2007.7 300mm Relocated Corp. HQ to Dongtan
2007.7 300mm Plasma Oxide Cleaning System: ZIVIS II
2007.11 300mm Advanced Ashing System :SUPRA V
2008.2 PSK Office in Dresden, Germany
2009.6 300mm H2 Ashing SYSTEM:FUTAS
2010.6 300mm Pattern Profiling System:PROFILER
2011.1 Integrated SUPRA C-square
2012.5 Selected as World Class 300 by MKE
2012.12 PCB Surface Treatment System: Ecolite P
2013. 8 PSK China Founded
2013. 11 New Hard Mask Strip System
2014. 08 PSK China Wuxi Branch
2014. 10 Non O2 Dry Strip System
2015. 12 PSK China Xiamen Branch
2016. 02 PSK China Dalian Branch
2016. 12 Fan-out PLP Descum System
2017. 07 PSK Shanghai Inc.
2018. 01 Vacuum Dry Strip System ZIVIS XP
2019. 04 Split-off, PSK Inc.(newly registered)

Founded in 1990, PSK is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of semiconductor equipment. We supply semiconductor equipment for plasma ashing, dry cleaning and etching, processes, as well as TSV treatment equipment and solutions to semiconductor companies around the world. In particular, we have grown to be the worldwide leader in ashing and dry clean processing. PSK is a listed company on the KOSDAQ .We continuously invest 10% of our revenue into R&D to promote innovation in technology and provide better solutions to our valued customers around the world. PSK is a true partner who consistently delivers the best value to customers. Our company is dedicated in striving to become the global leader in the overall device processing sector.

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